About Us


Kalıpçıoğlu Printed Circuit and Electronics Inc. was established in 1974 in Istanbul. Today, our company continues its printed circuit production in Pendik Istanbul, by improving itself with its strong and experienced staff.

Kalıpçıoğlu serves to more than 100 local and foreign companies; to many sectors besides lighting, automotive, electronics, electrical, white goods, telecommunication, and elevator sectors, by basing on "High quality, affordable price and on-time delivery" principles.

We are pleased to have increased our official production capacity from 82.000 m2 to 100.000 m2 with our recent investments and to make a better quality production.

In our company, we produce Single Sided and Double Sided printed circuit with Fr2, Cem1, Fr4, Flexible and Aluminum based raw materials in the range of 0.2 mm and 2.4 mm. Besides, since 2000 we can meet your needs on printed circuit boards, in the range of advanced technology required single-sided PCB and 24-layer PCB, with our far eastern solution partners which the leader of its sector.

Our typesetting department started to serve in 2000.

Electronic card design and subcontracting with or without material continues with experienced staff in accordance with RoHS directives. You can reinforce this clean and high-quality typesetting process by making E.Test up to your desire and you can put up your product for sale with confidence.

Single Sided PCB